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A case for Cyprus as your company's HQ

Why Cyprus


Why consider Cyprus as a business location? Are you seeking to become established in an EU country with tax efficient jurisdiction and legal framework, from where you can expand your international clientele and operations? Or perhaps you want to relocate an existing business for strategic and/or tactical reasons?  We can help you either way.

Our Experience


We are a team of professionals and entrepreneurs experienced with all aspects of establishing and running a business based in Cyprus. We share our passion by helping entrepreneurs to create, operate and grow their venture, or to relocate their existing business on this most SE EU country.

Why Us?


We have the domain knowledge, experience and resources to provide a superb level of service to each one of our clients. You may rest assured that we will exceed your expectations and provide you with the guidance and quality services that you deserve.   Our ramp up process is designed to empower you and your team.