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We have 20 years of experience in setting up and operating business entities with activities in various sectors of the economy. Cyprus is an EU country that offers unique competitive advantages for setting up and conducting your business. Its robust and transparent legal and regulatory framework and very attractive tax regime, benefit Cyprus based entities and tax resident natural persons.

High ROI

Do you feel that you spend a significant portion of your time and budget to set up and maintain your company? More often than not, traditional providers turn out to be expensive for the nature and quality of services they deliver and rather unresponsive when faced with a non-standard request. We do our utmost to take care of the administration work in a cost-effective manner.

Technology applied

Besides the core company formation and administration services we leverage technology and our partner network to provide you with other essential services that your new company will need, all at a very competitive price point. We offer Cloud Services to host your servers, applications and user devices, guaranteeing that your business operations stay secure and your data is protected.


Company Formation - Essential Stepsc

  • Company Name: you will provide us the name you propose for your new Company and two alternatives, so that we check availability.
  • Scope - Intended Activities: A brief description of the company’s intended activities is necessary to enable us draft the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Registered Office: A Cyprus company must have its registered office address in Cyprus. We shall provide you with a Registered Office at our premises, should you need one. Alternatively,  we can assist you to lease your own office space in Cyprus, according to your budget and particular requirements.
  • Secretary: A Company Secretary (legal entity or natural person) is required by law for all Cyprus companies; we can offer to you a Secretary appointed by us.
  • Director: There must be at least one Company Director, whom we will provide to you if required as part of our basic service. A director can be either Cyprus resident or foreign, legal entity or natural person. If tax residence of the Company is intended to be established in Cyprus, the Directors must be local, so as to prove that management and control of the company is exercised in Cyprus.  For each Director and bank account signatories appointed by the shareholders the following documents are required: Passport copy, residential address documentation (recent utility bill) occupation and bank reference letter for each individual or legal entity.
  • Shareholder: A  minimum of one shareholder is required to form a company.  If anonymity is preferred, then  the shares may be held by a nominee shareholder or trustee. We can provide you (the beneficial shareholder) with a trustee or nominee shareholder upon request. For each beneficial shareholder the documents required are the same as the ones listed above for the Directors.

Time frame for Company formation

Upon approval of the Company’s Name, it will take 5 to 8 working days to complete the Company incorporation procedure.

On incorporation you will receive the following for your new Company:

  • A certified copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association in Greek language, together with an English copy as translated by us.
  • The following certificates from Companies Registrar, in Greek or English: Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Shareholders, Certificate of Directors and  Secretary, Certificate of Registered Office.
  • Share Certificates in Greek or English.
  • The Company Stamp.
  • In case nominee shareholders and/or directors are appointed, the beneficial shareholders also receive signed share transfer documents and signed resignation letter by nominee  shareholder and directors respectively.
  • Declaration of Trust and Indemnity Letters, whereby the beneficial owners indemnify the nominees for their actions.

Annual administration services


Upon incorporation of your company, we will assist you to run and support the growth of your startup, by providing you with consulting  services and solutions for:

  • Setting up your business in Cyprus
  • Preparing Contracts and Agreements
  • Employee selection and hiring
  • Assisting with any changes that may be required,  as directors, secretary,  registered address, name and Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Minutes of board meetings
  • Sample letterheads
  • Sample Sales Contracts Maintenance of Statutory records as per requirements of Cyprus Companies law
  • Provision of Secretary (as needed)
  • Provision of nominee shareholder  (as needed) 
  • Provision of Director  (as needed - Cyprus based legal entity or physical person)


Each Cyprus company must prepare Audited Financial Statements, that are submitted annually to the income tax office. The audit must be carried out by an accredited auditor.  

In addition, an annual Return form (HE32) accompanied by the audited Financial Statements of previous year must be filed with the Registrar of Companies, providing details of Directors, shareholders on record,  registered office address, and capital structure. We can prepare and file this for you as required. 

  • Accredited Auditors, that work closely with our firm, can be contracted to undertake the preparation and submission of your Company’s Financial Statements to the relevant authorities.

Ancillary Services

We can provide for your company any of the below services, as required by you.

  • application to a Cyprus Bank for opening  a company bank account
  • application to a Cyprus Bank for opening a private bank account
  • application to a Cyprus Bank for establishing a Debit or Credit Card facility.
  • Establishing a trade account with JCC in Cyprus (for electronic payments).
  • Provision of a telephone switch center 
  • Establishing a web presence for your company with your own domain.
  • Setting up and operating e-mail accounts on your domain.
  • Setting up and operating your dedicated fax service  based on a Cyprus local telephone number.
  • Provision of IT computing as a Service (i.e. cloud services) whereby all data are guaranteed to be in a EU based data center .
  • Provision of General Data Protection Regulation  consulting and Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service.

Submitting application to Companies Registrar, on your behalf, to approve/register a commercial trade name.

  • Winding up the Company and striking off the Company from the Registrar's records.
  • Provision of IT as a Service (and Cloud Computing) 


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